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Hands-On Workshop The 10th JICCIM 2022

Our Team took part in The 10th Jakarta International Chest and Critical Care Event Internal Medicine (JICCIM) 2022 on Sunday, June 19, at RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo.

Irma & Mardha as Product Support USG, Rama as CCC Sales, Yusuf as Sales USG, and Hafiz as technician attended the event and provided loan support for three ultrasound products: the Viamo C100 for the Hands-On Workshop on "Ultrasound in Critical" Care, the Xario 100G, and the Edan AX3 for the Hands-On Workshop on "Lung ultrasound."

For more information about these products and our other medical equipment products, please contact us or click @murtiindahsentosa | Linktree


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