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Medical Imaging and Women's Healthcare

An accurate diagnosis begins with a picture of what is going on inside a patient’s body, and that picture is known as a medical image. PT Murti Indah offers a wide range of medical imaging products and data management solutions including x-ray systems, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, Angiography x-ray, computed radiography, digital radiography, CT and Angio Injectors, PACS and Healthcare Content Management software and Advanced Visualization software to provide picture-perfect images for accurate diagnoses

CT Scan
and MRI

Designed for patient's safety and satisfaction with technology that meets your needs now and in the future

xray & RF and mammography 

Designed with a focus on safety, and dose reduction


Canon Medical’s interventional angiography systems are designed around the making the way that you work easier


Each of our unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving...

Flat Panel detector digital radiography

We partner with the world's best computed radiography and digital radiography companies to...

pacs & adv visualization

Designed with a focus on safety, and dose reduction

ct & angio

A  High-Quality contrast media injectors, syringes & disposables...

fetal dopler

Delivering Safety and Reassurance to Parent to be...

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