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Medical Rehabilitaton & Neurology


Electrotherapy, Treatment Couches & Medical Fitness

Enraf-Nonius is market leader in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We deliver products and services of the highest quality according to the most advanced techniques and make these products available world-wide via our comprehensive, international distributor’s network.

By handling the highest possible level of quality and service, we enable health centers to look after their patients and clients in the most effective and efficient way, and therapists to guarantee their treatments on a daily basis.

Enraf-Nonius contributes to a longer, healthier and happier life. Quality of life is our corporate social responsibility. Enraf-Nonius has always been characterized as market leader in the world of physiotherapy, with its unprecedented quality equipment. The basis for our unparalleled success formula was established in the past: the coming together of expertise, the delivery of quality and customer orientation. 


Modular Pool, Moveable Floor, Underwater Treadmill, Underwater Bicycle, Butterfly Baths

World market leader in Aquatic Rehabilitation Equipment

Our highest quality hydrotherapy products, installed in over a thousand hospitals and institutions globally, have contributed to reaching our market leader position in the course of the nineties. The secret to our success? EWAC Medical supports its customer projects from the initial stages up to installation and commissioning. We engineer, procure, fabricate, install and commission our products with our own, qualified employees. In addition to that EWAC Medical contributes actively in spreading and obtaining knowledge about hydrotherapy.


Motorized Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with limited mobility and supports physiotherapy, ergo therapy and sports therapy. Users can train sitting in a wheelchair or from a chair. In supine position, patients use the MOTOmed from the nursing bed or from the therapy bed.


Lymphadema Negative Pressure Treatment

LymphaTouch Inc. is a pioneering Finnish healthcare technology company developing a treatment device based on negative pressure. The LymphaTouch® device was originally developed in 2005 as a tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals to support lymphedema treatment.

EMS Biomedical


We offer high technology, high quality products for electromyography and evoked potentials (EMG/EP), intraoperative monitoring (IOM), electroencephalography (EEG), cerebral function monitoring (CFM), brain motor control assessment (BMCA), event related potentials (ERP), ambulatory EEG (AEEG) applications, Electrical Impedance Segmentography (EIS) as well as complete range of electrodes and accessories.

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 Since its establishment in 1988 in Southern Germany, h/p/cosmos®️ has had a lot of influence in sports, athletics, ergometry, rehabilitation and science through the development and distribution of new products, software, system solutions and application methodologies. During this time the Traunstein based company has developed into THE German specialists in manufacturing treadmill ergometers and systems for fi tness,sports, sports science, sports medicine, athletics, biomechanics, medicine, rehabilitation, therapy, ergometry, performance diagnostics and scientific research. Many developments and pioneering work from h/p/cosmos®️ have influenced not only product design and functionality but also their usage and methodologies.

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