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In this world of modern medicine, it has becoming to replace x-ray films using digital images. We partner with the world's best computed radiography and digital radiography companies to provide cost effective and easy-to-use general radiography solutions. The aim of digital radiography is to produce high quality images with lower dose to the patients. 

Vieworks VIVIX-S DR Family

Vieworks develops X-ray detectors and image processing technologies suitable for various applications. X-ray detector is a device that detects X rays passed through objects like the human body and converts them into a visible image. Providing the integrated solution with not only hardware but also software such as the viewer program powered by advanced image processing technology, Vieworks is solidly positioned as a global X-ray detector provider.


Inside AP™ Technology

Inside AP™ is Vieworks’ unique Wi-Fi function to connect between VIVIX wireless detector and PC devices including laptops and tablet PCs. Therefore, physicians can see the acquired x-ray images immediately at their PCs.Moreover, VIVIX detectors automatically save up to 200 images. These backup images help to prepare for unstable Wi-Fi environments and to work reliably anytime, anywhere.

Anytime™ AED Technology

Anytime™ technology ensures high reliability and high sensitivity by using a separated AED sensor and a specially designed circuit board to respond quickly to the X-ray. This results in fewer defects compared to a panel sensor and is resistant to the fluctuation of temperature and external shocks.

PureImpact™ Processing Technology

PureImpact™ is a post image processing algorithm to provide supreme image quality. Various preset parameters are optimized for each target examination, thus showing fine details according to each examination. Advanced features like soft tissue delineation, non-grid processing, and grid line removal with clear resolution support efficient diagnosis.