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At Canon Medical we believe that only the best image quality allows a diagnosis to happen quickly and with confidence. Each of our unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving visualization.


Crystal clear images consistently across a wide variety of clinical specialties and an abundance of expert tools ensure you can always get your diagnostic answer quickly and reliably.

Ultrasound Product Lineup

The Panoramic Imaging options provide simple yet effective ways to add field of view capability to the system without the need for additional hardware.

Advanced technologies like elastography or SMI are also available on specialty transducers for advanced exams such as the quantitative assessment of inflammation in small joints.

The ultra-high frequency transducers’ outstanding resolution can help identify fine detail such as layered structures and small lesions.

Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging

Canon’s innovative Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI) technology expands the range of visible blood flow and provides visualisation of low velocity microvascular flow never before seen with ultrasound. This has proven to be valuable in the diagnosis of tendon inflammation and arthritis.

Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic View helps visualize widespread areas and anatomical relationships by creating wide-view images of a region of interest.

This is a panoramic view of the calf muscles acquired with the Aplio a550 system. With the a-Beam technology, the planes (fascia) between the different muscle groups can be clearly seen - along with the fibres within the muscles.

Better diagnostics starts here

Designed to increase efficiency, the system’s lightweight transducers feature outstanding clinical versatility, ergonomic shapes and thin, super-flexible cables. Aplio i-series and a-series compatible with a wide range of transducers from across the Aplio product range, ensuring high productivity while helping reduce cost for specialty probes.

Clinical Videos and Lectures