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  • High speed high quality bipolar amplifier up to 24 channels
  • Built-in switching option for combination of input channels to common reference
  • Benefit from the USB 2 interface which eliminates analog noise interference
  • Desktop and portable version
  • Windows operating system with MS Access database and free programmable report generator
  • Superior flexibility in configuration of the system
  • Easy to use, easy to upgrade
  • For later analysis purposes all raw data can be stored on the hard disc
  • Full range of software packages for clinical EMG/EP, NCS and ERP examinations
  • Multiple types of stimuli for ERP recordings are controlled simultaneously
  • Displays up to 99 waveforms in cascade or split form on one screen
  • Roll and Zoom function for each trace as well as user definable trace labeling
  • Countdown timer for Decrement test

Surpass II EMG

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