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The Sonopuls 490 is the ultrasound therapy device from the Enraf-Nonius 4 series. You will be able to select the correct application for every pathology with both 1 MHz and 3 MHz applications and by selecting a small and/or large treatment head. As is the case for all 4 series devices, the Sonopuls 490 is characterised by a beautiful design and a very easy-to-use touch screen operation. You will have configured the correct protocol with but a few taps. The Sonopuls 490 has 25 evidence-based protocols for ultrasound therapy; all of which are substantiated applications that guarantee an effective therapy. The Sonopuls 490 can (optionally) be provided with a battery-operated power supply, which will give you freedom. It is easy to take the Sonopuls 490 with you. The device will always be ready to use thanks to the battery-operated power supply. Regardless of whether it is next to the patient’s bed, in the patient’s home or in the changing room of a sports club, the Sonopuls 490 is your reliable companion where ultrasound therapy is concerned. The Sonopuls 490: the complete, easy-to-use, fast and safe device for ultrasound therapy!

Sonopuls 490

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