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using the latest technology. The Sienna Ultimate amplifier has 32/64 unipolar or bipolar channels, integrated Lithium-Ion battery, up to 32 GByte Memory card and SaO2 interface. The amplifier is available in wireless or wired version. 

The amplifier has a wireless capability and a battery pack for mobile data acquisition. 

Sienna-Ultimate-headboxEEG real-time display is available at the nurse station. 

The SIENNA Ultimate  EEG Amplifier can be configured with headboxes for LTM, Sleep, 10/20 and numerical easily, simply by replacing the headboxes.
The 230 gram lightweight amplifier has a patient alarm button as well as a body position sensor. 


The SIENNA Ultimate  amplifier provides storage and subsequent transmission of data, that is not transferred live, when the amplifier is out of range situations.

Sienna Ultimate EEG

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