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De EndoPress 442 is the whisper quiet pressotherapy device of EnrafNonius, for effective and comfortable treatment of lymfdrainage. The EndoPress 442 offers several programmes, with a great variation in the possible sequence in which the segments are raised to the set pressure values. This approach makes it possible to apply various lymph drainage techniques with the EndoPress 442. This is exactly what makes the EndoPress 442 so unique. The pressure can be set quickly and exactly at a value between 20-150 mmHg for the entire compression garment or even for each individual segment. ● The pressure is adjustable per each segment ● The cuff contains seven (arm gasket) or nine (leg gasket) segments, the pressure build-up can be set per segment ● A silent and powerful compressor ● Simple operation through graphic LCD-screen ● More than 15 pre-programmed sequences ● 50 freely programmable sequences ● Offers great comfort to patient and therapist

Endopress 422

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