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EN-Dynamic training means optimum exercising for everyone: men-women, elderly -youngsters, beginners-advanced. After the automatic set-up with the EN-Track chip-card, the ideal body position can be set. In this correct posture the body is supported on essential points. Hereby the exercises are executed in an appropriate way: with correct posture and accurate load. Compensation is limited to a minimum. The units are easily accessible, easy adjustable and because of the EN-Track guiding unambiguous to use. Even individuals without training experience will feel very at ease in your centre. EN-DYNAMIC. FIT THE MEDICAL WAY:


● Adjustable from a seated position: the load is set by a simple push on a button

● Provides clear feedback to the user: the force is displayed digitally and the number of repetitions are counted automatically

● The large green letters are also visible for persons with visual limitations ● Manually adjustable

● With the chip-cards, the resistance and number of repetitions are set automatically

● Simple to operate and accurately adjustable

● No unnecessary high peak forces

● Silent during exercising

● Minimal increments are possible, thus accurate setting and smooth progression

● Wide range of load setting: from extremely light to very heavy

● Compact.






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