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Winscope Plessart VIVO Fluoroscopy - Fully integreted advanced digital processing coupled with a patient friendly experience.

1. Improved examination workflow through elimination of the use of film

With conventional Fluoroscopy systems, diagnostic information was obtained only after developing the images in a dark room. With digital systems, fluoroscopic/radiographic images can be observed immediately and can then be transferred or stored without delay. Therefore, the time between examination and diagnosis can be significantly reduced.


2. Simplified operation for smooth examinations

Operations from patient registration to image processing can be performed smoothly, even by relatively inexperienced users. The excellent stress-free operability of conventional fluoroscopic tables has been retained, allowing the operator to focus fully on the examination.


3. Excellent image quality for smooth diagnosis

The system uses a 1-megapixel CMOS camera to acquire images with high contrast. In addition, digital processing is used to correct for any losses of highlight or shadow details that may occur as a result of differences in target regions, producing excellent images for smooth diagnosis.


4. Efficient use of space

A single monitor in the control room can be used for observing fluoroscopic images as well as for image processing, reducing the space required in the control room. In addition, a dark room is no longer needed, improving the environment in the control room and further reducing the space required.


5. Support of image archiving to the PACS (Picture Archiving And Communication System)

The DICOM Storage Service is included in the standard configuration, allowing images recorded in the image processing system to be transferred to the PACS.

Canon Winscope Pleassart VIVO Fluoroscopy

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