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The advanced full-digital system WINSCOPE Plessart acquires high-resolution images with outstanding diagnostic accuracy and fully supports filmless operation.


1. Full-digital system

This system allows X-ray fluoroscopic/radiographic image acquisition, digital handling of image processing and display, transfer and search of images, and film printing, enabling optimization of the workflow in order to achieve a high throughput. It is also provided with a large-capacity X-ray tube, enabling its use in mass screening.


2. Image processor designed for ease of use and high image quality

A variety of user presets and automatic functions are provided, minimizing DR operations during examination and increasing efficiency of use. Higher quality images can be obtained by employing 12-bit image processing when saving the images, applying the digital compensation filter (DCF; with new algorithm), and using the auto-windowing function.


3. Robust data storage

A disk mirroring system is used for the hard disk to prevent loss of data. As a further safeguard, a large-capacity, cost-effective REV disk is used as the backup media.


4. Large imaging range enabling examination of any part of the body

The large imaging range of approximately 130 cm (spot stroke 98.5 cm + I.I. field of view) makes it generally unnecessary to change the patient position and permits a variety of examinations to be performed.


5. High-quality images free of motion bluming

The high-frequency inverter-type X-ray high voltage generator(80kw) produces a stable X-ray output with low ripple. When a large-capacity X-ray tube is used in combination, a short exposure time can be used, enabling high-quality images free of motion blurring to be acquired. Note that the system can be operated by remote or local control.


6. Simple and efficient operation

The remote control console and the local control console (optional) can be used for a range of operations, including tilting of the R/F table, movement of the tabletop, movement of the imaging system, adjusting the beam limiting device, patient compression, and radiography. In addition, processed images can be displayed on the remote control console after digital image processing.

Canon Winscope Pleassart EX8 Fluoroscopy

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