Raffine-i, provides an extensive diagnostic portfolio with high image quality, exceptional workflow efficiency and effective dose control.

A busy department or clinic requires reliable technology that responds flexibly to a wide range of clinical demands with outstanding diagnostic performance. Raffine-i combined with a FPD and a flexible table provides an extensive diagnostic portfolio with high image quality, exceptional workflow efficiency and effective dose control. The system’s wide tabletop combines excellent mobility with the highest level of safety and comfort for both staff and patients.


Higher resolution and sensitivity with Canon Medical Systems’ new FPD

Raffine-i’s high-performance flat panel detector is the result of extensive clinical and technological research. Canon Medical Systems’ unique CsI deposition technology ensures a uniform microfiber structure that delivers high-resolution images with outstanding signal/noise ratio.

The system’s flat panel detector is engineered to provide stable performance without the need for temperature stabilization, helping you drive down installation and running costs, while minimizing your environmental footprint.

  • Stable performance: A dedicated cooling unit for the FPD is no longer required, reducing installation space and improving cost efficiency.
  • Low power consumption: The new FPD works stable at normal room temperatures, eliminating the need for continuous 24h power supply.
  • Zero-dose calibration: Auto-calibration of the FPD completes quickly in about ten seconds and without the need for X-ray exposure.


Extend your diagnostic portfolio with Raffine-i

For greater clinical flexibility and efficiency, Raffine-i’s configuration can be combined with an additional, ceiling-suspended tube and a bucky stand, supporting a wide range of general radiography examinations.

  • Tube swing configuration: The tube swing configuration is ideal for performing chest examinations in a compact room, as it provides sufficient SID over a short distance.
  • Tube rotation configuration: With its capability of targeting the tube also to the floor, the tube rotation configuration offers next to chest examinations a wide range of clinical applications.
  • Extension SID configuration: For very limited room sizes, the Extension SID configuration provides the capability for chest examination without the need for an additional wall stand.

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Canon Raffine-i Digital Fluoroscopy


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