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Start with high-end technology

Whether you are starting a new imaging business, looking for a reliable workhorse to handle increasing workloads efficiently, or expanding an established imaging business, Aquilion Start is the CT system of choice for all your routine imaging needs.

Aquilion Start is packed with premium technology originally developed for our high-end CT systems. It is carefully crafted and adapted to the changing requirements of healthcare organizations, including the need for faster workflows, universal accessibility, and sound economics.


Quality care for patients

  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Superior scan experience
  • Lower doses, better images

Quality care for operators

  • 1-click easy operations
  • Automatic processes
  • Zero-click workflows


Quality care for management

  • Quick setup and installation
  • Save space, save power, save time
  • Increase business opportunities


Learn more about Aquilion Start 16/32 Slices

Canon Aquilion Start 16/32 Slices

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