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See the bigger picture with the largest true field-of-view

Designed to expand the dimensions of CT, Aquilion™ LB combines Canon Medical Systems' award winning CT technologies with the advantages of a large bore platform. Aquilion LB provides a true 70 cm field-of-view (FOV) acquisition, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy than ever before.


From pediatric to bariatric. And everyone in between.

In a healthcare environment that increasingly requires doing more with less, Canon Medical Systems' Aquilion™ Large Bore CT system delivers. Accomplishing the need to image patients faster, safer and more comfortably while optimizing workflow and system utilization in more ways than ever.


Oncology Planning with Greater Precision.

Aquilion LB makes it easy to marry radiation therapy with CT simulation positioning. Every time, for every patient, without compromise.


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Canon Aquilion LB 16/32 Slices

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