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PRODUCT UPDATE: Best in KLAS: JiveX is Europe's No. 1 PACS again

For the second time in a row, our JiveX Enterprise PACS leaves  the competition far behind and wins the coveted KLAS Award . Overall, the VISUS customers surveyed gave JiveX 92.2 out of a possible 100 points - the industry average is only 80.2 points.Not only the product as such was assessed, but also the type of cooperation with the provider, the added value generated by the system, the service or the reliability.“We are genuinely happy that our customers are so convinced of JiveX and that we value the cooperation with us so positively. Thank you very much for this and for the willingness to take part in the survey voluntarily and anonymously. The results of the KLAS report are a strong incentive for us to continue working on the quality of our work and products, ”explains Guido Bötticher, Managing Director, responsible for the strategic expansion of sales and JiveX products.

VISUS in demand as a long-term partner

In total, the anonymously interviewed respondents provided information in six categories: quality of the entrepreneurial activity, loyalty to the company, product, product application, price-performance ratio and customer relationship. We received top marks in all categories, which we regard as great praise. After all, it is an important part of our corporate culture to enter into a partnership with our customers and to work with them on long-term success.

About KLAS KLAS Research has been producing product reports since 1996 which, based on user surveys, evaluate certain products and product groups in the field of health IT. The KLAS Award is presented based on the results. For IT specialists and decision-makers, the KLAS reports provide a comprehensive, honest, transparent and accurate market overview for certain products.Further information and access to the report can be found here .



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