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Exhibition Multiprofessional CriticalCare Review Course (MCCRC) PERHIMPUNAN DOKTER INTENSIVE CARE

On 6 - 8 May 2023, PT Murti Indah Sentosa participated in the Multiprofessional Critical Care Review Course (MCCRC) Exhibition organized by PERDICI (Indonesian Intensive Care Doctors Association) which was held at the Grandia Hotel, Bandung. Participants in this event were General Practitioners, PPDS Participants, and Specialist Doctors from various disciplines.

The event was attended by Product Support Murti Jakarta, head of the Murti Bandung branch, Murti Bandung sales, and Murti Bandung engineering. Murti Indah Sentosa also features the Amoul T6 Ventilator and Edan ECG series. A total of 119 people visited the Murti Indah Sentosa booth during the 3 days of the exhibition.


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