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Workshop Basic MR Interpretation of Rotator Cuff Disease

On May 7 2023 a Workshop & Hands-on Basic MR Interpretation of Rotator Cuff Disease was held on the 4th floor, Wisma Murti organized by PERAMI (Indonesian Musculoskeletal Radiology Association) and fully supported by Murti Indah Sentosa with a total of 24 participants and 3 instructors people, as well as the Murti Team (Product Support PACS & and Sales Imaging).

Workshops and seminars are suitably held at our location (Wisma Murti), and our products are appropriate for practical exercises. Don't hesitate to contact us about working with hospitals/medical associations or other institutions, and chat via WhatsApp.

For more complete information about these products and our other medical equipment products, check our products on linktree Murti Indah Sentosa and please contact our sales representative or visit our website: at



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