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Partner Update: BEMEMS Mammography Solution

We are proud to announce partnership to distribute BEMEMS Mammography Solution in Indonesia.

BEMEMS is a Korean medical manufacturing company that develops and sells Analog Mammography, Digital Mammography and Mobile X-ray solutions

Their mammography solutions, PinkView-RT and PinkView-DR Plus combined have more than 60% market share in Korea domestic market.

Several Key Features of BEMEMS Digital Mammography products are:

1. In-direct type 24*30 detector - Amorphous Silicon(a-Si) of In-direct type 24*30 detector can be used under tough environment and provied the excellent images on different breast sizes.

2.Combination W & Rh - Tungsten of tube target and Rhodium of additional filtration can get excellent digital images with low dosage.

3.MICOM Compression Control - Patient’s pain would be reduced by soft compression control of MICOM. We can control the pressure max. 200N by the 10N.

4. Automatic Standard Positioning(ASP) - PinkView ASP function is designed to maximize operators’ convenience. Through ASP function , the mammography system can be automatically positioned into standard position with one-touch operation.

5. Easy to use One Touch Panel - Operation is very easy and convenient with smart phone type pendant and touch screen panel.

BEMEMS offers the market a high quality but cost-effective analog and digital mammography solutions.

For more information about BEMEMS products, please contact us through our website or email

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