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Event Review: Launching Canon Aplio i-Series

On the 27th of April PT Murti Indah Sentosa in conjuction with Canon Medical System Corporation (CMSC) Japan, held a launching event of Aplio i-series. The event was held at PT Murti Indah Sentosa seminar room facility with the theme “The Launch of Canon Ultrasound i-Series with Clinical Update in MSK and Liver”. PT Murti Indah Sentosa also collaborated with two radiologists, Dr Taufik Agung Wibowo Sp.Rad and Dr. Thariqah Salamah, Sp.Rad (K) from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo – the national hospital of Indonesia, to provide clinical insights on the use of Ultrasound for Liver and MSK.

The event was opened by a welcoming speech by Mr. Erry Sutisna, Company Director of PT Murti Indah Sentosa and continued by a company profile and product presentation on by Mr Terufumi Akama, Global Marketing Manager Asia Pacific from UL BU. Mrs. Hyunjin Kim, Global Clinical Specialist Manager from UL BU, continued by presenting i-Series technology and application update for Sports Medicine, MSK and Liver.

Furthermore, to demonstrate Aplio i-series capabilities, PT Murti Indah Sentosa invited two speakers from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM), the national hospital of Indonesia, to provide up we have the KOL from RSCM Hospital that is Dr. Taufik Agung Wibowo a Radiologist Liver Division and Dr. Thariqah Salamah a Radiologist MSK Division.

Dr. Agung who practices in RS Cipto Mangunkusumo Radiology – Liver division, presented a topic on the use of Shearwave Elastography for liver disease screening and diagnosis. He covered the topic basic of liver diseases, the concept and physics behind SWE, the varieties of SWE technologies availabile from the different vendors, the difference between SWE and Fibroscan, the basic protocol SWE and how to analyze the results.

In his daily practice, he uses an older technology of SWE from another vendor. He mentioned that technology is very cumbersome, took a long time to scan and require expertise of the doctors to acquire good date. Meanwhile, after using Aplio i-series, he highlighted to the audience, Aplio i-series image quality and SWE functions are much superior - it is easy to use, fast and produce reliable data. Especially, the Propagation Mode, he claimed to be a very useful feature for him to understand the quality of the data he acquires.

During the live demo event, Dr. Agung used Aplio i900 to show the SWE scanning technique and demonstrating SWE propagation mode. Also, with the help of Mrs. Hyunjin Kim, they acquired fatty liver cases and showed how ATI (Attenuation Imaging) can assist in showing Liver Steatosis.

Dr Thariqa, from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo Radiology – MSK Division, presented a topic on the use of Ultrasound for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. During the live demonstration session using i900, she demonstrated the protocol for screening Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and also use our hockey stick for finger scanning. She highlighted PLT1202S is as a must have probe for superficial scanning.

Dr. Thariqa was impressed by Aplio i-Series 2D image quality and was impressed to see how SMI can visualize tiny vessels and low velocity blood flows clearly.

In the future, PT Murti Indah Sentosa will work closely with both Dr. Agung and Dr. Thariqa to conduct more regular ultrasound workshop on the field of Liver and MSK.

PT Murti Indah Sentosa would like to say huge appreciation to CMSC, in particular ISD and UL BU for supporting this successful event. We hope through this event, PT Murti Indah Sentosa can strengthen our ultrasound position in the radiology market and open a new segment in ultra-premium market.


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