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Event Review: Launching Canon USG Aplio i-Series at Wisma Murti

On April 27th. Murti Indah Sentosa worked with Canon Medical System to hold a workshop with the theme "Launching Canon USG Aplio i-Series". The purpose of the event is to launch the newest Canon USG which is Canon Aplio i600 and Canon Aplio i900. The event held on Wisma Murti (Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda)

This event includes:

- Presentation from Mr. Akama about Canon Company profile & technology from Aplio i-series

- Presentation from Mrs. Jin about the latest application for MSK & Liver

- Liver Hands-on & Presentation from dr. Taufik Agung, Sp. Rad

- MSK Hands-on & Presentation from dr. Thariqa, Sp. Rad (K)

- Hands-on session for Aplio-i-Series, Aplio & Xario

We would like to thank the speakers who have participated and all the radiology doctors who came to our event. Hope we will see you soon!

Here’s some reviews of the event:

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