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EMS Biomedical EEG and EMG national sales and application training

On December 17th 2018, PT Murti Indah Sentosa conducted a national sales and application training for Sienna EEG and Surpass EMG. The training was provided by Mr. Alfred Ortner, CEO of EMS Biomedical.

EMS Biomedical is an Austrian company offering high technology, high quality products for electromyography and evoked potentials (EMG/EP), intraoperative monitoring (IOM), electroencephalography (EEG), cerebral function monitoring (CFM), brain motor control assessment (BMCA), event related potentials (ERP), ambulatory EEG (AEEG) applications, Electrical Impedance Segmentography (EIS) as well as complete range of electrodes and accessories.


The SIENNA Ultimate is an EEG product from EMS, developed using the latest technology. The Sienna Ultimate amplifier has 32/64 unipolar or bipolar channels, integrated Lithium-Ion battery, up to 32 GByte Memory card and SaO2 interface. The amplifier is available in wireless or wired version.

The amplifier has a wireless capability and a battery pack for mobile data acquisition. The SIENNA Ultimate EEG Amplifier can be configured with headboxes for LTM, Sleep, 10/20 and numerical easily, simply by replacing the headboxes. The 230 gram lightweight amplifier has a patient alarm button as well as a body position sensor


The Surpass is a comprehensive, easy to use 2 to 8 channel EMG/EP/EEG workstation for clinical and research use. The Stimulator control unit can be used for the stand alone as well as for the portable unit. The modular design philosophy ensures flexibility and upgrade opportunities with a complete set of software and hardware options.


This training will allow PT Murti Indah Sentosa sales and application team to confidently promote EMS EEG and EMG solutions in Indonesia.

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