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Exhibition Review: PIT XVII PERDOSRI

PIT XVII PERDOSRI (17th Annual Meeting in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) was held on 10 - 13 October 2018 at Claro Hotel & Convention Center, Makassar (Booth no. 16). Murti Indah sentosa has participated on this event as we display our Laser Therapy Enraf Nonius 422, Shockwave Therapy Enraf Nonius Endopuls 811, Ultrasound Therapy Enraf Nonius Sonopuls 490, Electrotherapy Enraf Nonius Endomed 482, Traction Therapy Enraf Nonius Curapuls 670, Combination Therapy Enraf Nonius Myomed 632X, and Assisted Movement Therapy Reck MOTOmed Viva 2.

Here are some reviews on our event:

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