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Start into the radiological future with the JiveX Enterprise PACS

To achieve the greatest possible benefit of radiological services in an overall medical context, image data must be available quickly and specifically. Therefore, in addition to basic functions for interpretation, the JiveX Enterprise PACS also includes components which optimize the workflow across departments and institutions.

JiveX is characterized by a high level of interoperability, scalability, user-friendliness, and performance. JiveX ensures that all persons involved are always informed comprehensively and quickly - from the specialist physician to the referring physician to the patient.


Advantages of the JiveX Enterprise PACS at a glance

  • Non-proprietary integration via industry standards

  • Numerous opportunities for networking scenarios and interdisciplinary activities

  • Functional depth and variety for reliable response to diagnostic tasks

  • User-friendly through a high degree of customizability

  • Modern ways of working through mobility

  • Perfectly adjusted to the radiological workflow


Case Study: BaliMed Hospital

It has only been a year since radiology images at the BaliMéd Hospital on the island of Bali, Indonesia, were exclusively available in analog form. Doctors and patients sometimes needed to wait patiently until images and reports reached an inpatient department or one of the outpatient clinics. Today, the image data is not only available digitally across the entire facility at the touch of a button, but can even be viewed by patients in an app on their smartphones. 

KLAS Award 2019 and 2020
For No.1 PACS in Europe

For the second time in a row, our JiveX Enterprise PACS has received the coveted KLAS Award and has been voted the best PACS in Europe by our users.

JiveX Medical Data Management

Simply a well-rounded thing.

The mere existence of a comprehensive data collection is of little value. At the same time, it must be ensured that thisdata is archived consistently and well organized so that it can be accessed quickly: the right data - at the right place - at the right time – by the authorized user.

The core of JiveX Enterprise PACS is Medical Data Management. Users benefit from automated processes which eliminate time-consuming data searches, long loading times and complex data management.

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