The Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System is a highly advanced, non-invasive immobilization solution designed for stereotactic radiosurgery treatments. The clinical objective is to achieve submillimeter immobilization to precisely treat multiple lesions with a single isocenter. Encompass™ utilizes a posterior thermoplastic and anterior open view mask compatible with optical tracking systems. The Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® Variable Perf™ System features IntegraBite™, which reduces motion, allowing for maximum dose to the tumor while minimizing radiation delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue. The innovative Integrated Shim System™ provides a 4 mm range of height adjustment utilizing discrete 0.5 mm increments to optimize immobilization. The Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System is designed to optimize workflow efficiencies, increase patient throughput and improve patient outcomes.

SRS / SRT (Stereotactic Radiosurgery)