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We believe that in rehabilitation, you should be able to offer a wide range of exercise options to the patient. We also believe that exercising in the water should be fun! Introducing our new, Self-propelled underwater treadmill. A great item for circuit training, or even for aerobic group programs.

Our unique free running roller system ensures a minimum amount of resistance in the movement of the legs, the running speed being determined by the person training on the treadmill. The treadmill can be placed in any position in the pool and can easily be moved in-and out of the pool when needed for circuit training or group sessions. The self-propelled underwater treadmill is entirely built up out of pool water resistant plastic as well as stainless steel 316. It comes with a frontal stainless steel handlebar which is height adjustable.

Exercising in water increases the efficiency of the heart and because of the heat conductivity, the body is easily cooled while the connective tissue becomes more flexible. Water is a safe and low impact exercise environment. The Pooltrack® Curve is an excellent tool for rehabilitation as well as combating obesity.

Pool Track Curve

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