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Vital Imaging Product Update

On Dec 19th 2018, PT Murti Indah Sentosa was visited by Mr Nicolas Pieropan, Regional Channel Manager for Vital Imaging.

Vital, a Canon group company is has a legacy of leadership in healthcare imaging using smart algorithms and techniques of innovation spanning 30 years. T

heir flagship product, Vitrea is the world's leading advance visualization software that can provide radiologists with a full suite of clinical applications for 2D, 3D and 4D image processing from multiple modalities – CT, MR, PET, US, XA and SPECT.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization is multi-vendor and allows you to use advanced applications with all modalities – irrespective of the manufacturer – to help reduce training costs and to become an expert through familiarity

One of the major updates for Vitrea as announced at RSNA 2018 is "Global Illumination"

Global Illumination is an alternate 3D rendering technique to help provide a more photorealistic view of human anatomy. Users are able to acquire and share these images for communication and education.

  • Global Illumination is included in existing Vitrea Advanced Visualization workflows

  • Enables a more real world rendering to aid communication between imaging specialists, clinicians, and patients

  • Highly interactive and easy to use with just a click of a button.

We are excited to see the new release of Vitrea as it will gives even more clinical benefits for the radiologist.

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