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EDAN Patient Monitors and ECG National Sales Training

Since November 2018, PT Murti Indah Sentosa has been appointed as the national exclusive distributor for EDAN Patient Monitors and ECG.

Since 1995, EDAN Instruments is the no 1 ECG provider and top 2 Patient Monitor exporter from China. EDAN is proud to offer high quality medical equipment for many product categories including: Obstetrics & Gynecology; Patient Monitoring; Diagnostic Electrocardiographs; Ultrasonic Imaging Systems and others. As an R&D driven company, EDAN deploys cutting edge technologies and develops products to satisfy the needs of many markets around the world.

On December 18th 2018, PT Murti Indah Sentosa conducted National Sales training for EDAN Patient Monitors and ECG product line. The training was provided by Ms Grace Mao from EDAN Instruments and she presented the iM Series compact monitors, Elite Series modular monitors and ECG solutions. A total of 25 sales people from our Critical Care and Cardiology BU as well as our branch offices participated in the training.


The iM Series monitor is embedded with the latest improved designs and answer for the latest clinical requirements across the applications from general cares to anesthesia monitoring, while keeping connected to hospital systems in all divisions.

The high resolution color TFT-LCD together with the up-to-date customizable shortcut menu design brings easy one-touch access to frequent used functions, allowing more attentions to the patients.W

Without making any noise or causing any dust deposition, the no-fan design of iM series is especially suitable for night time operations and the divisions which require a dust-free environment.


The Elite Series Monitor is designed as a full modular monitor dedicated to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions especially for critical divisions. Using it together with iM20 transport monitor, hospital can build a seamless connection from ambulances to in-hospital cares.

With its plug-and-play modules and an extensive modular rack, elite Series is able to monitor a wide range of parameters simultaneously, adapting from critical cares to anesthesia monitoring, with additional monitoring capabilities including ICG, RM and BIS.


The SE-301 ECG is a new generation 3 channel ECG from EDAN. It is designed to be extremely compact and light weight ( < 1kg) and incorporates touch screen user interface to make this ECG a perfect solution in a mobile environment.

The SE-301 has a high CMRR up to 140dB to restraint signal noises and ensure high quality ECG traces. Furthermore, it has a wide bandwidth from 0.01 to 300Hz guarantees the high accuracy of the ECG signal as well as the interpretation especially for pediatric patients. And with a sampling rate as high as 16,000Hz, a precise result can be generated.


The SE-1200 Express is an excellent cost performance 12Ch ECG with built-in high-resolution thermal printer. You can record 12 ECG traces on A4 size and US Letter-size paper on this electrocardiogram machine.

It incorporates advanced features such as: -Enhanced weak signal detection

-Comprehensive filters & anti-noise technology

-Real-time ECG waveforms freezing and review

-Advanced Glasgow algorithm for automatic measurements and interpretation

Ensuring user gets high quality, accurate and precise ECG acqusition.


Together with EDAN we can provide valued driven and high quality medical products for the Indonesian market.

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