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Enraf-Nonius Bike Reha

The Bike Reha is the ergometer cycle for cardio-respiratory training, rehabilitation and sports training in general. This ergometer cycle is exceptionally well suited for a wide group of patients and clients due to its adjustability, its easy entry and its different test modules.

With the Bike Reha, overload of the rehabilitating patient is avoided since the “torque” can be kept constant. For ergometercycles without torque control, a decrease of the number of rotations per minute (RPM) will result in an increase of resistance. With these ergometers the risk of overload may occur, since the resistance will rise as the patient pedals more slowly. In addition, this is extremely frustrating for the patients, since, when they become tired, the exercise becomes even harder! With the Bike Reha and the constant torque mode, this is avoided. patients will be able to rehabilitate in a safe and pleasant way!

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