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PT. Murti Indah Sentosa X Edan Instrument Incorporation

PT. Murti Indah Sentosa is now partnering with Edan Instrument Incorporation as Exclusive Distributor.

Edan is a healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative, and high-quality medical product and services. SInce 1995, Edan has started focusing on creating remarkable medical devices and providing efficient healthcare solutions for our customer. By owning over 80 types of products in various fields including Resting ECG, Patient Monitors, and Vital Signs, etc. Edan is the number 1 ECG and top 2 patient monitor brand in China.

PT. Murti Indah sentosa has become the Exclusive Distributor for Edan Instrument Incorporation for several products such as:

1. Edan Resting ECG SE-301

2. Edan Resting ECG SE-1200

3. Edan Patient Monitor IM80

4. Edan Pulse Oximeter H100B

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