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Exhibition Review: Hospital Expo 2018

The largest expo in medical, Hospital Expo 2018 was held on 17th - 20th October 2018 at Jakarta Convention Center - Indonesia. it is an annual event and this is the 31st exhibition.

This year, Murti Indah Sentosa has participated on this event at Assembly Hall booth no. 181-183 as we display our unit, such as Canon Medical: Xario 100 MX, Customed: ABPM, Spiromoetri, ECG, Stress Treadmill, Enraf Nonius: Sonopuls 490, Endomed 482, Endopuls 811, Endolaser 422, Curapuls 670, and Sonopuls 190 II S, NMI: Saturn 8000 DR Panel, Konica Minolta: CR Table Top Regius Sigma, Visus: JiveX Pacs and Healthcare content management, and Medicband: Comfortable and high quality patient wrist band.

Our booth theme is "Digital Hospital Network" which combines several tools and technologies for medical diagnosis needs. There is also a PACS SYSTEM COUNTERS where visitors can directly do a demo equipment on PACS from Visus

Here are some reviews on our event:

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